Saturday, December 22, 2007

dec 21st, born bad release.

search and destroy at war on music.

modern problems started off the born bad release, first time I was able to make a full set that I can remember.

these were the punks (not the fuckin punks) imitating/interupting a horrible dance recital during some other "hardcore" band.

I was microphoned in the crotch during No Fun. It's a good thing I don't have balls cause I felt that microphone pretty seriously.
Ryan looks so much more stoner rock when he's playing bass.

Leanne kept getting pushed down, I guess her face eventually burst open.
that sucks.
Excellent neck warmer.

The sinks reminded me of another band but i'm not sure which one. It was kinda like a party band I suppose.

all tony could do was roll around on the floor and drag people down with him.

Thanks for this little treat Alex. what the heck is mike so upset about.

who is this guy?! did he play in that other band?? That looks painful, once someone shouldered me in the neck and I cried a little.

"am I loud enough?"
" let's turn this puppy up a little bit. boooop."
here's some guys again, singing along to a song that probably just had the lyrics " fuckin shit, I fucking hate you idiots, fuck".


tony is still on the floor.


some kid stole the microphone and I have no idea what he was singing about. Maybe he was rapping.

that affectionate look is what proves how much love there is between these perverts.
This is the only photo of cam playing guitar that looks like he's sure of the notes he's playing.
end of the show.. interesting conversation time.
Man some people really fucked that venue up last night.
It's really too bad.
Maybe if there is better "door security" or whatever those people won't be allowed in (cause they didn't even actually pay to be there).
There's always gonna be those people that just won't give a shit about the music and venues of winnipeg and will try to (or just naturally) ruin it for everyone else.
Hopefully it won't work and we will just find a more efficient way of discouraging them from attending or at least volunteer to clean up their mess so the majority can enjoy music in Winnipeg.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

hey everyone.

just found out I might be going out to northern Brazil for a month this summer to work on another one of my dad's documentaries.

That's pretty excellent.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

midnight and -40


the agendah

..This is obviously just an observation related to my own experiences, and it may sound like hippy talk..
Buuut, I've noticed through the pictures I've taken of girls and guys in bands, the feeling I get from their individual performances are very different.
When I've seen women perform it often seems to be a very stable feeling. It's almost like a wall of concentrated energy or power that seems very grounded.
However alot of boys I've seen play over the years, their energy feels unbalanced.
It's like they chanel all the power or focus upwards to their arms or their voice. Sometimes it gets so concentrated at the top part of their body it seems like they will all of a sudden take off upwards.
These different energies make for interesting experiments with different styles of photos yet sometimes the style I would view as "wrong" is the only one that will comply with the type of movement on stage.
I will be exploring my replacement camera rules this week because I haven't been pleased with where my pictures are at so far without reading any instructions.
HopefullyI'll have more nature opportunities I can take advantage of.
This morning I saw diamond frost on all of the pines and trees in the assiniboine forest, hopefully this cold weather(without wind) keeps up.

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