Tuesday, July 21, 2009


There are alot of things that used to be innocent and fun.

There were places I went and things I did.

Everything, interactions and even basic actions, are stripped of any honest pleasure now and become a pathetic, disgusting event.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

we don't have fun anymore.

It's Morgan and her beautiful face. It was nice to see you Morgan.
Pictures of archagathusopholees and hanging out.
I'm really sad I don't get to see Morgan anymore.

who do you think this is a photo of? I will give you a hint: soul patch.

Doom Brianna.

What a creep.

Joe was able to keep these sunglasses on for almost a whole song...

It seems like they were doing this on purpose but I have a feeling it was not.

Archagathus played their set through a rare sandstorm at the albert.

hanging out .

look at this photo sissy, wizard of deep mysteries.

A dark photo of a good hug.

the wizardry of making it through the day.
I loved seeing Morgan, and I liked hanging out in general.

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