Monday, August 27, 2007

fargo craaazzzies!!

under pressure played the last show of their black bile tour.. and i was there.

here are some of my patented shots that only i care about.

their band is so hard to take a picture of everybody.. joe's always off somewhere being wanky and it makes me cry because i will never do this.

winnipeg style.
man.. those too hosers back there ruined almost all my shots of cam.
okaaaayy fabio.. why don't you get some more muscles.

this is probably what joe was doing while i took the picture up above this one.

fun and games with tamara l-j

was a good show.. i even got cut by a bunch of circle pitting fools.
drinking sugar beer in the alley.
crossing the border with no problems at all.
toilets full of diarrhea making me hold it til grand forks.
i'm fine with all of it.

Friday, August 17, 2007

true love (my ladies)

katie's going away to australia party had some pretty strict rules.
one of my enemies came to the party..but i handled it. people i don't really know.
one of my lovers, laura. she's back from being ultra tough all summer.

this is my other half apparently. i think she's great.

oh suzanne.. we love you.

this could be cute if laura didn't look depressed.
drunk hugs.

the brothers and the lovers.

i will miss this.
it's too bad that i can't take good pictures in certain light.

sometimes people love in different ways.

like posing.

hip checking?
and being intimidating.

it kind of looks like she's trying to suck out snake poison.. it must be those pythons she has going on.

haha this is the picture that makes me look like i was trashed.. but that is not the truth.

kind of like a humming bird.. but those are just a myth.
aww again.

oh look! she smiles for me!
i can't believe it! drunk dancing.
i love them.

yeah.. these comments are cheesy but i don't even care.
i had alot of fun.. and i'm going to miss two of these ladies in school.. the best friends i've had in a long time.
amazingly talented ladies and amazing personalities.
i can't believe my luck.
influences in my life forever.

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