Thursday, July 17, 2008

some time ago.

It's been an interesting summer.. not one I would have expected (I know it's not over yet). I had seriously expected to have more success with what I had been meaning to accomplish but it turned out that things aren't usually what I think they'll be (all the time).
Either way I have a new place in osborne with a place for an art studio and a wonderful balcony to grow my plants. I was even planning to grow my own lettuce and herbs from seed but I got so busy that it is now too late. Now I'm even rambling because I have worked from 9 am til basically 10pm just to try and catch up with money so I can pay the rent and I'm ridiculous tired. Luckily none of that really matters. What actually matters is that I have one trillion ideas of things I want to do in my head and I have to set my pants on fire just to get it all done.
ANYWAYS..Here's another blog because stephanie asked me to do it. It's basically for stephanie.

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