Monday, May 28, 2007

The walk of ultimate doom.

okay, so this is my first time trying to post this, these first photos should have been at the end.
These are first some photos from inside our new place. ..

Now after the walk I had today, I managed to "score" 2 chairs like this in great condition and a random window and also half of a blue door.

Now this is actually the beginning of my "bleeaaooooorg", Some pictures of my pretties.

except for this one.. it sucks.

this is the view from my "party deck".. the church my parents were married at. I take lots of pictures of my cats, it's a cat lady thing.

I have been growing my own green onions, and by growing them, i mean watching them grow themselves.

our old place which is right next door to our new place.

this guy was all friendly until i pulled out my camera.

this is where jane and shesshie are gonna be moving, my old building.. and this is actually the side they're moving in on..

aim low, we meet again.. I love you.

oh slo mo, i love you even more.

shots in the night.

this seems like a good first timer. I hope I see more from this person.

I'm always losing my baby all over the place.
this is where i took my window from.

this was obviously graffiti that was permitted, I'm not usually one to take pictures of legal graffiti but I figured i'd do it anways.

I stopped to take a pictures of these poppies (or at least that's what they resemble, i'm sure they're something else) after walking quite a ways with a heavy chair and a small window.

so, there's my first one.
If anyone knows where there's some good graffiti around the village/corydon or anywhere for that matter, let me know.

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