Sunday, May 4, 2008

not the best but not the worst.

these aren't the most well put together blogs, but since i'm not at my home i don't really feel like sitting around and thinking about what would look better where.
These pictures are from the underpressure, condominium, born bad and s.n show.
I had fun at the show despite my 3 day long splitting headache.
I need a serious massage or SOMETHING.
so, as you can guess, with a headache, i am not able to take the best photos but i took alot cause it was a fun show.
I also realized, I'm not technically one of those "digital photographers" that just shoots until their fingers fall off.
It's not that that's not what I do, it's just that i'm trying to create effects with the camera and lighting that i haven't really "mastered" yet.
Hopefully I'll get better at this with my stupid camera and stop flashing in your eyes forever.

this first photo is underpressure, i put it in front of born bad by accident.

man, i don't know how ryan got to looking so awesome, but i can't think of a better hair/shirt combo in the city. not one.
this is some of born bad, i didn't actually take many shots cause it was so rowdy.

here's dan drumming for underpressure.. and a bunch of underpressure shots as well of course.

cam has definitely taken to shaking his butt/booty during up's sets. nice work. good strategy.

i took alot of shots of the crowd. this is what i did for a while.

i enjoy that he's holding onto his hat.
dance move. seriously.
serious bird dance move.
This was at the arsonfest benefit that barely anyone came down to unfortunately. I thankfully was able to enjoy violent gorge. I think they're so great. like jan AG but different.

this effect i did was supposed to make them look ultra evil. it kinda did.

these two pictures make me feel all psychodelic.

silverchair.. or.....
nice mouth. this definitely did the evil job.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

a blog away from home.

Dan and I took a little wee drive in the country and we found a bunch of interesting things.

also, note, I am not doing this from my own apartment. This is blog away from home because I have no home. (kinda)

all these cows were staring at me. seriously, like 30 or 20 cows at least.
these were flashy jack rabbits, they were so fast this was the best picture i could get of them.
we found the skeletal carcasses of a dog and a buck right next to each other. Super strange.

I looked it up. This is a prairie falcon.

There will some more sometime soon I hope.

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