Wednesday, February 20, 2008

just some photos...

thought i'd just do a little thing up because I was sick of the same old.

I still have some of these.. I made as many as I could.

lewd honks.
some valentines I made.
My geranium beckoning the spring forth..
some little buddies.

this guy can't wait til I plant him.
christmas cheer.
purple heart.


burnt jade.
Gail's flowers.

night time in my lair.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February 10th at the Rudolf

There are alot of photos of these bands. Soon enough I will actually do a different type of blog that is more personal, however this is okay for now.
Hope that this will provide enough selection for bands to take from.

Below is Dan singing with Hallucinosis, which was a last minute happening.

This is where Dan thanked all the people who buy grindcore records from him.

Here is the beginning of the NoFun section, good job No Fun. Leanne was sounding extra gravelly.

This look that Ryan has is amazing.

I just added this photo for the creepy hands and the long hair.
Dead Dogs ended the show,.. people always start off with a bandana on their face and it's nearly always taken off right aways because it obstructs the breathing action.

I actually think he might make this face for me cause it's happened twice so far, and not everytime.

at the end everyone was consumed by the dark doomy force of the winter gloom. I also had my pinky over part of the flash as my new technique with my shitty shit camera.

These will get better, I am just frustrated with life.

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