Monday, August 31, 2009

Grim forest of emotional butts.

it was actually really relaxing, no matter how grim it looks.

Monday, August 3, 2009

blood balls

blowholes carefully placing one of their tiny amps on top of a fridge.

I know you may not think so.. but blurry or whited out photos of pretty girls in bright dresses or with braids playing music make me feel like i'm recording beautiful history for myself. Reminiscent of the first photos I saw of Riot girl bands.

the Angry Dragons,..I had never taken any good photos of this band, or maybe I have never taken any photos of this band because I am always too busy dancing. Either way it started out rough.. not knowing how to balance the light.. but i got to feeling happy about some of the photos nearer the end.

I like this one even if their faces are cut off. You think these photos might just be shit but to me.. the movement of the hands and bodies.. I like it.

I know this picture wasn't good.. but something about the brown red mist on the left hand side seduced me into putting it up.

again, making history with this one.

no bunny was really great, i will not say they weren't. At the end of this night, on top of being fucking sick with a crazy head/chest cold, I was worn out. I couldn't be as great as nobunny so i quickly took some photos of them, because I could tell they were really great,.. and then i 'snuck' out of WOM with my muscles flexed and bike hoisted. This was a good night.. and also the last I will ruin for myself.

They were such a good band. SUCH A PARTY! If I wouldn't have been mostly dead I woulda shook around and flung myself.

totally.. number one man.

Hey everyone.. you guessed it. Today is the day I turned from crazy into good.
Call it an epiphany if you will. It's wonderful when those happen but they take their damn time.
I won't be ruining my life anymore.

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