Saturday, September 27, 2008

Flash out and Skeleton photos.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ex girlfriends and no fun photos. I missed the stolen minx.

new flower from the parents garden.

It's about time I start taking more photos.
It's hard to update a photoblog when you let your camera gather dust.
I wish I was more of a writer, I could write a bunch of crap to compensate but I am not anything of the sort.
There will be more photos, I promise you.

Review post.

I now realize that I take photos of the same people over and over again.
It's not on purpose in that it's not like I premeditate following these people around to document their preformances.
Either way, I like the differences in the photo qualities so I post photos of the same people over and over again. Photography is such a sensitive subject for me. It feels like a sacred instinctual act. Not something to be casual about, at least not for me. I am about capturing what could have been with the trick of light. A world of shadows and solitude.
I have come to know my style and draw inspiration to progress from others I admire.
I often blame my camera for all my faulty shots, and I sincerly believe that it's true.
The flaws of technology, if only I had more control like I have with paint or ink.
Fuck artificial lighting, I want to work with what I have and if it doesn't want to work then I'll dicard the whole mission. Real life, man. We're different.
This is how I get at 3 in the morning. Ranting poorly about nothing.

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