Sunday, October 21, 2007

"THE" Cocktail Party.

yesterday, Julia had a cocktail party in which everyone dressed up extremely classy... or moderately classy and drank funny drinks.
these girls were intensely classy.

tamara can sometimes act like such an ancient dinosaur.

and sometimes like a peacock.
dan showed up and lowered the level of class just a little, but he was the only boy with beautiful long hair.

thanks to tamara, i have proof that i actually am "party candice"

i enjoyed alana's "garden of mystery" hat.

there were several pearls at this party.
accompanied by severe moustaches.

hahaha, this is alana before she showed me her panties. I have seen them several times before but not in such an animated way.

this is alana morphing into a cat.. after the panties.

I need to have a big room the color of this kitchen.

hahaha, alana looks like she was photoshoped into this picture.
flesh everywhere.

this is when everyone started dancing wildly.

dan danced kinda. i think at one point we were both shaking our cabooses simultainiously.

even leanne smiled. alot.
i'm not exactly sure what was going on here. i mean i can see that dan is playing with his cell phone but i'm not sure why it's so funny.
alana makes the best faces while intoxicated.


i wish i would have had one of these.

hahah, i don't know how these things happen.

skeleton.. what will you do? who do you believe? i never leave any flowers unphotographed.

I guess that's the end.
alana if you want the picture of your pantied up bum, i'll send it to you!
oh dear.

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