Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The first night of arsonfest Skunk played with Underpressure. I was excited about that but only realized it after the fact because I was so nervous to play a show I felt I wasn't ready for.

Either way I didn't take any photos the first night. I have been taking a break recently.
I do however have shots of the second night, so here they are.

Violent Gorge. Specializing in outrageous live distortion.

I took a picture of this dude cause he was wearing a beautiful Burning witch Tshirt. One I hope to own one day.

Here is kursk. Playing with new guitar player Lauren. A man whom I once was mistaken for by an apparently very drunk Mike A. ... just because I have long hair does not mean I am a man.(that is the truth)
I didn't get any "special" shots of Lauren but I sent the one I did get to Kursk and they can do what they want with it.

Here is putrescense. I have never taken photos of this band... Mainly because whenever I see them I feel that they are too high up. Lower down photos of Mike A. are the best I think. This is strictly speaking from a art loser point of view. Still I feel I could have done better had I not had those two huge beers.

These are pictures of myself and Holly who are practically the same person besides the fact that she likes sweet foods and I like the salty ones. Also I have made her doubt her love for pizza because of my over zealous lust for the taste of greasy delicious pizza.

Holly and I, we're friends. And when is the last time you've seen pictures of me!? seriously. When I am old I will have nothing to make reference to when analysing the history of my physical appearance. Well nothing but these Be-dinosaur pictures.

These are some nerdy drunk-ish shots of Sarah, Leanne and Holly. I think I took a ka-billion of these because of my state of mind. Only a select few turned out the way I had hoped. It is a beautiful thing and I will now force you too look at all of them.

Random woman with a beautifull tattoo. She also had beautiful purple hair. Not the obvious kind but the beautiful kind.
This is when I was trying to convince Leanne to fake a past moment when she had told me what would happen to me if I took another picture of her. The motion I was looking for was when she slit her throat and then motioned how far the blood would squirt out of it. Capturing this sight was not a success but Leanne secretly loves pictures of herself. I know it.
Holly was drunk in this picture. I was drunk-ish taking this picture. While we were doing this I realized we could be perceived as those types of ditzes posing for the camera and taking millions of facebook glamour shots. I later realized that everyone knows that we are both so hilarious that they couldn't possibly have acknowledged that possibility. Here's the glamour shot of me. I look like I have a sunburn, and I do.This is mainly just a shot of dan looking like the head of a boat.
Here is the main deal of arsonfest. I didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. I had never even heard of them. The singer was interesting but not totally my favorite. The music was very doomy and great. I love doom, man.

The end of arsonfest.
So is the days of our lives.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

screw it

school does not want me to go to it.

Why must I fight every year just to be able to afford school AND food.

such bullshit.

Why can't they just give me more money.

what the heck.

I still have at least two more years of this bullshit.

me = scrwd4liiff man

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