Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the things that i do and i do not like to do.

What do i like to do :

  • i like to skip rope.
  • i like to vandalize.
  • i like to talk about ideas.
  • i like to witness insane things.
  • i like to be dangerous when i'm upset.
  • i like to feel as though there's nothing to lose.

what i do not like to do:

  • i don't like to eat cause it makes me sick.
  • i don't like to be alone at night.
  • i don't like to obsess.
  • i don't like to analyze.
  • i don't like to please.
  • i don't like to eat stomach medications or swallow painkillers.

These are the things i do and i do not like to do.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

fucked up

no fun.
I hate no fun pictures, i'm horrible at them, HORRIBLE.
so this is what turned out..

search and destroy... sometimes I take good pictures of them but i've been on a bad picture taking streak so I only got a few that I think are okay.

under pressure.. I think it's hard for me to take pictures when it's not a basement show.
these are okay too, just okay.

most pictures I got of cam he was kinda looking doofy.
maybe it's just him. haha.

That's all, super short.
And I don't even care.. you guys can just suck it.
I'm eating pizza right now and i totally shouldn't be.
rebel with some dairy.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

camping 07

Rushing River
our first night

our first morning

Dan's archagathus mug

our tarp was an example to all

last night of peace

although if you look closely you can see the manipogo monsters that were camping next to us. They were constantly belching loudly.

claw of doom

some more cherries
Cupcake O'Bridesmaid..
..and Eyebrows O'Malley are wood beetles.

good wood.

pee trees.

archagathus mug makes another appearence.

things were starting to seem a little bit suspicious for me at the point this picture was taken.

this is wednesday morning. My little "infection" came back and I totally lost control over every part of my body.

things were bad news jones for real. I couldn't lift or walk or breathe or see.
These are pictures of me after I lost every fluid that existed in my bowels/disgestive system.

this ones' a prize.

serious sick.
so dan had to pack up everything by himself while i sat in my purple chair.
It's a good thing he has bulgy arms and some sort of six pack painted on his stomach.

these are my pictures that I took where I was trying to distract myself from the peril that was my body.

all the wood that we bought and now have to save til next year i guess.
these are the two pieces of wood dan used to kill that gigantor spider that was at our spot at the beginning of our trip. It's butt was as big as a loonie.. just it's butt.
that is too big for me.

nest of three.

some serious good wood.
cupcake o'bridesmaid came in to keep me company while dan packed up.. if you touch these wood beetles.. even at all they stay in the same position for half an hour at least.
They're super serious about being chill.

our camping trip was what some might call "BRUTAL".
It started off all tickles and candy but then I started becoming some sort of shit beast.
It was some serious business that I was not able to take care of while being in the woods.
We only got two good days in.
I really have no idea how I got through wednesday and thursday without jumping off one of their huge shield rocks into the rushing river.
It was a trial.
And also my only vacation for this year.. but that shit happens to I guess i'll have to make up for it by being totally wild for the next couple of months and pretending i'm on vacation but hooting and farting tons.
I'm actually still sick so i'll have to wait a tad for all those hoot/fart schnanagins!
Next year will be a better camping year, and for sure a better work year for me.

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