Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gimli like a Fish!

beetle as a bird.


dan is actually the harbour master now.

but what if you were drunk? would that be an excuse?

dan by the big boat.

dan by the lake.

classic flower picture..

me and a boat.
holding the camera out in front of us shot.

this was an amazing sky.

I can't believe how many bugs were inside this magnificent boat.
faces and the sky.

I didn't find any odin stones.

sometimes you just get tired and you can't help it.

these are all the boats of the world and they got 10 year olds to paint them.

think about how it would be like to see this everytime you left your house.

"okay, now lets do one with my bum on his shoe.."

"okay,.. now let's do one with your bum on his shoe.."
smoking = thin?

after taking these photos of the graf on this building a man followed us in his truck to ask why we were taking pictures of his building and that those people weren't allowed to do that on his building. It was super wierd.
country boy, fat boy.
pickerel cheeks.
soft baby hard!this made me happy. slomotion in gimli.

this is where we went to drink beer. they are the only people in gimli that import viking beer from iceland. It was super weird to drink beer in a really frilly tea house.

dan likes beer alot.

the owner brought over a viking hat for dan. he felt it suited him.

it does.

here I am, it totally doesn't suit me.

spoon from nunavut
really awesome lamp shade cover.

what the heck is happening here?

so on our way home dan asked a girl for a nut buster...... and here it is.
dan was pretty crazy about the nut buster but it was sub par.
nothing needs to be said.
okay so this is... next day.. today.
I thought i'd include these cause they were pretty good.
This is a stray dog that was wanting to hang out with us. It was super snorty and tired and made me sad.
But it was a crazy slobber monster.
People kept walking past us and thought it was our dog and that we were being irresponsible.

we also met this cat on the way to safeway.. i'm sure it's probably not a stray though.. cats are more often outside then dogs without owners.
so i've been meaning to take a picture of this box for a while.. finally....

I just saw this yesterday too on the way home so i took a picture of it today.
this relish guy/girl is making my days.

There you go.
Gimli like a Fish!

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