Sunday, March 23, 2008

eq at war on music

My first time seeing electro quarterstaff with their new bass player Marty.
They also played some new songs but I admit, I didn't soak them in very well.
Maybe next time.

This may not be the best photo, but it looks like he's wearing a cape (andrew's guitar).

Dan explained to me this is what happens when he runs out of breathe from all the crazy fast beats. He liked this one.
Andrew was stoner rock this show apparently.
It was extremely difficult to take a photo of everybody.
I started to take some pictures of Jason. I am so fun.

Curran and Scott best friending it.
I didn't realize how great this shirt was 'til later.
good one.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I call it, the electric wizard weekend.

This weekend we all (the pressure) went down to see a show, and boy was it a show.
Luckily we didn't stay at the venue itself because man, that bathroom was quite the bathroom.
However... I had fun despite the cigarette smoke.
We had some serious pizza and watched a serious show.
The reason I call it the electric wizard weekend.. well it's cause I bought alot of electric wizard. It's like they knew I was coming.
Unfortunately I couldn't afford the new electric wizard (Witch cult) but I will afford it one day.
It's a pretty awesome album.


(not that many photos. And I really liked them too!)
This sticker was so awesome.
Hey Jason Penner, I have something you don't have. Underpressure photos! hahahaHAHA!~
underpressure was seriously moving around.
crrrammm prrroooopphaaaam.
cam was making some serious crapping faces at this show obviously.
Maybe he had to crap? maybe he was frustrated with something really emo.
I totally got into it.

It took no time at all for joe to dramatic it up on the floor.
it was totally dramatic and surreal.
cam was still making the crapping motions.
waving fart fumes.

when was he not making crapping faces? never.

here is dan's sneeze drum face.
he's obviously working very hard here.

nice effort.
I enjoyed this one just because of the hopping motion.
I think he finally got the crap out.
mike requiema everybody.

my haeerrrrrr is reaaaally loooooowng.

I think this is the one dan liked of him and mike. it's probably cause you can see dan's boobies.
cam honestly looks relieved her. i mean lookz reelvd hr.
it kinda...
looks like underpressure was bullying the crowd to move around...

but that honestly wasn't the case.

"good grief!"
this is the face that dan makes when he knows I'm taking a picture of him. I make a similarly aloof face when people shove a camera in my face but I usually end up getting extreme jowels. It is a challenge to get a good photo of me where I am looking awesome or the way I intend to look.
This muffin was awesome but I left it in the glove box of dan's car and it's probably all hard and slumpy now. I took pictures of these plants last summer and they seem to be doing awesome still. I love that one plant. If anyone knows what that green plant is let me know.

a purple heart. I have one of these and i didn't know they grew so well in a cup.
I should try that out candice style.

seriously nice cactus.
I am obsessed with the silhouettes and shadows at sewards.
here's dan's face again.
it is a pretty good face. I wish it was my face. Sometimes I wonder if dan wishes we had the same face.

It was a great trip and I spent alot of money on electric wizard albums and a couple others.
Money that I could not afford to spend, I will be not eating for a little bit I think.
Well that's exagerating, I'll probably just eat spaghetti for a short bit.
I can't even afford to buy more popcorn kernels now.
anyways, good one.

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