Monday, March 30, 2009

shots,.. shots.

These 'pick-sures' are from Haunters 7" release that took place after the first prop. show. I didn't take any pictures of Haunter that I particularly cared for so here it is man, Melectric Candice.. I mean Candles.

These images aren't as impressive small.. click on them and you'll probably like'em more.
These were the shots I took for Curran's interview with Under Pressure in the Uniter. They could have turned out better but for sponataneous shots these weren't bad.

If your computer is lighter then mine you might be able to tell this is Dan and Joe.

this is the one that was used for the uniter. If this had been planned a little better we could have made for some better shots. These shots are still okay but I will have to practice posed shots so I can improve my bullshit photography.

The reason I suck at photography... legitimately has only a little bit to do with myself. I don't actually feel that I suck. It's more that my photography doesn't live up to my expectations of my vision of what I actually took a photo of. Here are the reasons I have found that really affect my ability to do what I want to do:

#1) MY CAMERA DOESN'T ALLOW ME CONTROL OVER FOCUS... I lay my finger down on the damn button and it tries to focus itself and guess what I'd like to be taking a picture of. .. Now normally it focuses on what's moving, which is usually what I'm taking a picture of, but sometimes it just doesn't focus at all for no reason really. No reason! Well the reason is I'm doing photography that requires better equipement then this ridiculous expensivish digi camera I have. It's bullshit. I'm thinking of finding a place to trade it in for a discount on something I actually want.

#2) AFTER A PHOTO IS TAKEN, MY CAMERA SITS AND THINKS FOR A BIT ABOUT WHAT JUST HAPPENED... this makes it impossible to capture any moment properly. I acknowledge that this happens with all digi cameras, but along with the focus issue, it makes me livid with anger.

These problems are being worked on as we speak.. I will find a way to make my photo taking life better. Make no mistake, this will be fixed.
I will have Under Pressures last pictures sometime in the nearish future.. it's just alot to think about right now.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Under pressure favorites.

Under Pressure favorites in no particular order. It's too bad I was only into photography for this one particular line up. It would have been nice to have them documented from when I got to know this band. What started off, in my opinion, as NAV, went quickly to GLW and then on to many years of Under Pressure. Alot of these aren't "artistic" or whatever you might say.. but they are nice and for Under Pressure to use however they want.. even if they want to photoshop in bigger muscles and more impressive moustaches.

*(I am not entirely sure if this first photo is mine,.. it seems like it could be.. but i don't know. Just this first one)

**( All the others are mine.)

Peace out Under Pressure. I will be documenting your two last shows as well and will add them to my collection of memories.
Sometimes things have to change into something completely new to keep going. ... other deep stuff like that.
As my cats are making out on my couch I will continue to anticipate the future, the one that ain't filled with cryin'.

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